BEEHIVE is located at the west end of the camp and is a short walk to the fishing stream or dining room. The Beehive has it’s own parking area between the leaning oaks and tall pine trees. The camp itself is delightfully situated among the tall pines, white aspens, blue spruce, mighty oaks, shady cottonwoods and a variety of fruit trees which bring different colors to camp with the changing seasons. To the north and south are majestic forested mountains with a river running through the valley from east to west. 

The meeting room is carpeted and large enough to seat sixty people. There are sixty chairs and ten tables in the storage room for your use. The room has a fire place and a snack counter for coffee, tea and other snacks you may wish to bring.

For meals, stroll to the spacious dining hall which is separated into 5 sections: The Lounge is a cozy carpeted area with a fireplace. This section may be used for down-time. There is a serving area where meals are served "cafeteria style". The lower dining Room can accommodate 56 diners at tables seating 6 each. The main diniung room seats 150 people at large tables with wooden benches. This hall has a spectacular view of the majestic mountains that surround the camp. There is a large wooden deck adjacent to the dining room where campers can eat if the weather permits. The 5th section is the kitchen where we prepare the food and clean the dishes.

CAVITY CAVE, located on South Campus next to the Concert Shell, is our snack store where candy, cookies, chips, soda, fruit juices and bottled water can be purchased. Cavity Cave can be opened upon request. This is a perfect place to take that afternoon or evening break.

Upper level - West Wing has 11 bunk beds, sleeping 22 people. The bathroom is connected and has 3 showers, 3 toilets and 4 sinks. East wing sleeps 27 people (12 bunk beds and 3 counselors beds). The bathroom has 3 showers, 3 toilets and 5 sinks. The east and west wings have their own outside entrances and can be separated by locking the interior doors between them.

Lower level has 4 bedrooms, with 2 single beds and a sink in each room. Each two bedroom bedroom share a shower and toilet. Usually the leaders, teachers and guests stay in the lower level Beehive rooms.

A total of 55 people can easily sleep in the Beehive.
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